Why Choose Ascendant Property Group

Knowledge is power. Control is key, and diversity is essential in building wealth towards retirement.

Why Choose Ascendant Property Group

Atlanta's Leading Real Estate Experts
The investment team at Ascendant Property Group and its partners have over 30 years of experience in the market.  Our team includes real estate experts, property managers, builders, developers, lawyers, bankers, brokers, tax advisors, investors and engineers.

2Wide Range of Real Estate Investment Options
When it comes to growing your portfolio, having total control over your investments is critical.  With Capital Garden, you're totally free to customize your real estate investment choices to your specific needs and risk preferences. You're in control.

3Unparalled Transparency
In today's world of increasingly-complicated investment products, it has become difficult for sophisticated investors to know exactly where their money is invested. We take the guesswork out of managing your portfolio - by creating investments opportunities you can see.

4First-Class Investment Properties
Ascendant Property Group sets the industry standard in identifying quality properties for our investors, based on each investor's specified evaluation criteria.  Our motto is that, even in today's competitive market, you don't have to settle for anything less.

5Attractive Financial Returns
Real estate investing provides a vehicle historically smart money has chosen consistently.  Let's face it: for the average accrediated investor, the stock market is high; bond yields are low. Consider what private-equity funds have been investing in successfully over the years: real estate.

6Support You Can Trust
We combine a real estate investor's support team that is second to none.  You'll have access to Atlanta's premier investment support professionals - from legal services, financial planning, property management, and more - that meet our exacting standards of excellence.

7Take Control of Your Retirement Savings
Knowledge is power. Control is key, and diversity is essential in building wealth towards retirement. Provided through our trusted partner, Advanta IRA, self-directed IRAs give you complete control of your retirement funds and investing decisions.

8Institutional Quality Reporting
We take care of the administration for you: filing reports, issuing statements, and help you follow contribution limits and permissible transaction guidelines. By leveraging our compliance staff, you able to focus more readily on identifying and developing additional investment opportunities.

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