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Control & Transparency

Does your current investment management tool allow you to know exactly what you own and how much you're really paying in fees? Do you know the underlying holdings of each fund you own? Today, investors care not only about performance - but also what they are invested in. Ascendant Property Group offers unmatched transparency so you can have greater awareness. As an investor with Ascendant Property Group, you'll have access to the exact locations of your properties, current values, equity information, cash flow data, and more.  We empower you with accessible information: all so you make better investment decisions.


Knowledge is power.  And it's the key to success in real estate investing. This is why a major focus of our business to educate our investors on the best practices and strategies of profitable real estate investing.  At Ascendant Property Group, a hallmark of our service is cultivating your holdings, while you grow in your understanding of how to succeed in real estate investing.  We arm you with vital insights, build your confidence, and help you develop your personal blueprint for achievement.


When a company and a community work together, it brings sustainability. A key aspect of our investment approach is doing our part to develop communities - and, in the process, helping our clients thrive. The current and future vitality of a community is a important, yet often overlooked, aspect of any real estate investment strategy. We help our clients discover opportunites to not only invest in florishing neighborhoods, but also to serve the communities in the process. We believe that successful real estate investing impacts our clients’ properties and the entire supporting areas - neighborhoods, municipalities, and cities.

Support Team

At Ascendant Property Group, we're in business to help your portfolio succeed. You can count on our team to guide you through every step of the real estate investment process: from identifying prospective properties, to renovation or construction, securing capital, legal and tax issues, and more.  We surround you with a hand-picked team of experienced experts, committed to assist you reach your goals. Simply put: we provide the highest level of support in real estate investment services.

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