Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio. Develop Communities.

Ascendant Property Group produces results our clients can see. Our approach allows clients to cultivate their real estate portfolio and help develop thriving communities at the same time. While your investments grow, so will our cities. We offer a transparent business model that gives you the chance to play an active role in improving your financial goals.

Whether you are a hands-on real estate investor interested in the weekly operations of a residential or commercial flip or a financial investor looking to loan stagnant capital for better returns, APG has a service for you.

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Private Lending

Private investors seeking alternatives to the stock and bond markets can find opportunities in private lending. We help you identify and evaluate lending opportunities, and help you mitigate the market risks - in your journey towards financial freedom.

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Buy & Hold

Ascendant Property Group assists investors with the most traditional real estate investment strategy: "Buy and Hold". We can help investors acquire and produce cash flows with several property types, including single family, multi-family and apartments.

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At Ascendant Property Group, we specialize in rehabbing different kinds of properties, and helping our clients find new buyers for them. In addition, we advise and manage the process from start to end: ensuring your project stays on budget and on time.

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